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Dance Lashes Box Refill Only (Box Not Included)


is the perfect surprise variety pack to get ready for your performances. Get a variety of four different lashes ranging from petite to medium sizes to refill your existing lash box. Each pair of lashes are reusable, long-lasting with proper care, and will enhance your stage glam looks.


Refill Includes - a variety of petite and medium size lashes (i.e. mix & match) ranging from wispy to fluffy. Surprise pair of lashes from our exclusive and limited edition collections.


Note: Refill is non-magnetic lashes. Lashes included are regular stip lashes and require lash adhesive, i.e. adhesive eyeliner or lash glue)

Dance Lashes Box Refill Only

SKU: lashbox-refill only- mix & match
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