Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide- How to apply your lashes

  1. Measure the width of your lash line

  2. For a more natural look, cut from end with longer lashes

  3. Apply glue along the strip of lashes and let glue dry for 15-30 seconds

  4. Place in center and press into you lash line

  5. Let lash strip sit on eye lid for 15-30 seconds

  6. For a more natural look, disguise any remainder glue with gel eyeliner

  7. Brush natural lashes and false lashes together with a clean spoole


Step by Step Guide- How to remove your lashes

  1. Gently remove lashes from your lash line

  2. Place lashes in eyelash storage case

  3. To wash lashes, let lashes sit in warm water for 5 minutes

  4. Gently remove any excess glue from lashes with tweezers

  5. Let lashes dry and place in eyelash storage case

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